hello i have a female african pygmy hedgehog for sale, she just turned a year old last month.. she is beautiful and friendly.. looking for a new forevr home for her.. i am in new brunswick, sorry its abit far to drive but if you are really interested it would be worth it!
she is an amazing animal and loves to take baths, she will come with the following:
- a huge sterlite container where she sleeps
- a 2 story C&C cage.. measured 2 by 3.. ( the pic is what it look like *the one in the picture is not mine* )
- a huge bucket wheel
- food and water dishes
- large container full of kitten food ( very good brand and very healthy)
- toys
- fleece
- bedding
- blankets
- treats
- litter box (she is litter trained)
- a huge house that she sleeps in
- ball she rolls around in
- and a few other things
i just want a new home where she is devoted to everyday and played with and spoiled with love! expirenced hedgie owners please
email me an offer if your interested in this amazing little cutie! :)